Foster Life


LCI’s Human Resource Management programmes are being realized through Foster Life Tanzania, a non-profit making Organization which was registered on December 5, 2011. It is promoting life by various programmes like Training the Trainers (TOT), seminars, awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS and drug addiction etc., with the help of youth in and around Maji ya Chai. Foster Life Tanzania is to initiate agricultural and food sustainability projects through seminars on farming and also by establishing grain-banks in the villages.


In order to improve the quality of life of women and other socially marginalized sections of the society, Foster Life Tanzania will focus on gender issues, conflict management and human rights. The long term vision of Lumen Christi Institute is to establish a University to offer opportunities for the poorer sections of the people of Africa in the field of higher education. Thus Lumen Christi, as an undertaking of the entire Congregation of Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales is to become a catalyst for new evangelization, social transformation and renewal in Africa. LCI is very grateful to the General administration, benefactors and well wishers who make generous contributions to the growth of the Institute.

Foster Life Seminar April 2014



Foster Seminar in KIA



Foster Life Seminar Jan 2014



Foster Life Seminar conducted by Lumen Christi in the parishes