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Lumen Christi Africa

Fransalian Vision for modern Africa

Lumen Christi is the result of the Fransalian Vision for modern Africa. Over 20 years of Fransalian presence in the continent of Africa, has resulted in this vision. In the context of the painful and discouraging realities in Africa, the Fransalians in Africa are urgently confronted with the need to be well-equipped with knowledge and competence to adequately respond to the increasing needs of the many poor and marginalized groups.


Over 120 catechists attended various catechetical programmes at the Lumen Christi Institute this year. In a colourful graduation ceremony on t...

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Lumen Christi Institute offers many courses for catechists and laity for effective evangelization in the rural areas of East Africa.

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Um den Kindern mehr Chancen für die Zukunft zu geben, hat unsere Ordensgemeinschaft private Englisch Medium Kindergärten und Volksschulen (Englisch als Unterrichtssprache) gegründet. Für Privatschulen gibt es in Tansania keine staatliche Hilfe, daher müssen die Eltern Schulgebühren bez...

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